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TEFAF Maastricht 2017

Marylart ha partecipato al TEFAF Maastricht dal 8 al 19 marzo 2017 in collaborazione con la Van Kranendonk Duffels Gallery Presso lo stand 245 è stato esposto l'anello "giostra" in argento di Pol Bury, il gioiello d'artista realizzato per Marylart nel 2004....

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It’s Different parla di Marylart

The stunning array of portable sculptures, edited by MARYLART, are eclusively designed and manufactured by international renowned artists: through each of these creations there is a fusion between works of art and jewelry, thus giving life to small masterpieces.

The challenge is clear and ambitious: to mold the three-dimensional art of the best and bravest famous international artists into long-lasting pieces of artwork, so that anyone can feel the amazing sensation of becoming an essential part of the exclusive masterpieces created by those artists.